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October 5, 2012

I see more and more comments from people who are just flat-out negative and I don’t get it. I am sure you have a valid complaint against whatever company/entity you are upset with, but when you start a post/comment out with “F*ck XXXX” what good does that do you? I mean honestly, do you expect the company/entity to respond back with a constructive post that will temper your resentment or negativity about them? I get we all get upset, trust me I get it. But coming in guns a blazin’ doesn’t help anyone in this situation.


Why has sitting behind a computer give all of us a “license to say anything”? When did that change? When did we throw civility and basic manners out the window? I was taught better than that and from time to time I have flown off the handle, but as I see more and more negativity I have really tried to pay attention to what I am writing/posting so that in the event a company/entity picks it up, they can actually figure out what my issue is and try to help me.

Please everyone, enough with the nasty comments, the downright horrible attitudes and personal attacks. I understand your issue is unique to you and it is beyond irritating, but please try to think for a split second if what you are about to click “send” on is going to articulate your issue so that when someone does get it, they can act on it and try to help.

We truly do want to help…trust me…

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