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October 9, 2012

I have read several different articles in regard to what customers expect when they post a question/comment/thought on social platforms. Some want almost instantaneous responses, others (and a pretty decent %) want a response within an hour. Being on the end where we try to meet those expectations it is hard to meet what the customer expects and what we can do. I struggle everyday to try and justify that the time frames we have created (turn-around times if you will) are attainable (even when we can’t meet them). I know deep down what we have set as “goals” is the right thing for the business but ultimately the customer.

See, I remember what it’s like to be a customer, to have some mental note of how long it should take for someone to respond to a reasonable (no abusive or curse riddled post) to their Twitter page or Facebook Wall/Timeline.

Can we meet what customers expect, I truly believe, YES. Can we do it right now, unfortunately no. There needs to be the same focus on CS in Social Media as there is for brick & mortar call centers and until there is, hitting these targets will continue to be a “goal” and not something we actually achieve on a daily basis.

Expectations are good, but it sure helps if you have support from the top down.

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