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My Coffee House – Paying Attention to the Customer

October 16, 2012

Whenever I work from home I make a trip to the local coffee house. I try to work from home as much as I can, although I still make it into the office pretty regularly (not the point of this story though, sorry).

Every time I go into my favorite coffee house, I am transported to a place where customer service is the main goal, the entire interaction is all about me and my family and how things are going. Every time I go in there, no matter what time of day, everyone who works there has the biggest smile (which works wonders by the way) and just seems genuinely happy to be there. I wish more companies did this, you can hear a smile in someones voice over the phone or even in their typing online. 

I truly appreciate how I am treated, how they remember the little things about my order (yes I do in fact like the end piece of the banana bread), how I like whip cream but my son does now, odd I know, he’ll learn). I always leave there with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face and ready to take on the day.


Thank’s Van Gogh Coffee House, I appreciate the effort, the attention to detail and everything you do!

If you are ever in Seattle, please stop by and try it out for yourself ( )

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