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Easy Peasy

December 21, 2012

So, I got my first Nike Fuel Band in March at SXSW. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a “pop-up” store they had set-up and found out they were selling them. So I waited in line and purchased one. I LOVED it! It was so cool and so easy to use and really helped to keep me motivated to not just sit there and be lazy. I wore it ALL the time, gym, home, work, yard work, etc. 

Then one day it stopped working, the button would no longer press and i was sad 😦 . Well, since I work in CS in the Social space I looked up their support handle ( @NikeSeattle ) and asked for help. They immediately responded and moved the convo to DM, which I expected. Then they said, come on by and we will swap it out for you, that simple. Super easy interaction and swap out experience.

Well, recently that one had the sam problem, so I DM’d @NikeSeattle straight away and once again an immediate response. Come on in and we can swap it out, so the next day I did just that. They even helped set the new one up without haste. I even got to pick out one of the new colors (I picked Ice).

I really wish other companies made the experience so easy when the hardware fails. They were so easy to do business with and really great and friendly in person.

Now, I’m sure some of you are saying to yourself “Nike is a huge company, that is the least they should do”, and I would agree with you. But you would also be surprised at how rare that is now a days.


I tip my hat to you Nike for continuing to set the bar high in your Customer Service channels.


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