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Personalize Your Brand

January 25, 2013

3 foundational elements I believe brands should use when responding to questions/inquiries:

1. Personal – allow whomever is responding to customers to personalize their responses. Don’t sound like a robot, nobody likes that, but also stay true to the “voice” of your brand, whatever that may be.

2. Professional – remain professional in your responses to customers. Don’t lose site that you are representing a brand and in some cases that means that you don’t use internet language (LOL, OMG, UR, 2, etc.), but again, don’t sound like a robot, be human.

3. Factual – answer the customers question. Don’t just send them to a web page and have them go get the answer, actually provide the answer to the question they asked. If you have the ability to provide additional information by linking them to self service sites, then do so. But don’t make that your answer alone.

As someone who uses Social Media for Customer Service I find that the brands that do the above stand out and show they care. It shows they want to help and most of all they get my business.

These of course are what I believe, what do you think, would love to know?

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