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Focus On The Details

February 19, 2013

Too often we get caught up with measuring our work. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly believe you need to measure, but you need to measure the RIGHT things. The things that matter to your customers are the most important in my opinion.

Did you fully and accurately answer their question? Were you nice when you did it? Did you sound like a robot or did you personalize the experience? Did you anticipate other questions based on the original question? Did you answer it quickly? These are the ones I think are important, sure there are others, but if I could start a group from scratch these are what I would start with.

I am a proponent of Customer Service in the Social Media world. I think it has and will continue to force companies to up their game and be where their customers are and act in a more open world.

Now here is the kicker, Klout. We have all heard about it, more than likely you know what your score is, but does it really matter for a business? Do they post it on their website? Do customers care? Probably not, so why focus your attention on it when there are clearly more important metrics to focus on. Sure you can use it as a benchmark against your competitors, but that’s really about it (if that).

If you Pay Attention to the Customer all else will fall into place.

Just because you have heard of the latest buzzword in Social Media does not make it more important than the basics.

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