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Customer Service and Social Platforms

March 29, 2013

All the recent chatter is that Customer Service via Social Media is taking off or about to. I agree with that, I also agree with the comments around companies needing to step up their game/effort in this space. Where I see problems is I don’t see/hear the major platforms like Twitter or Facebook really enhancing their platforms to better enable this.

For example, Facebook recently announced replies and threaded comments on their platform. That’s great and it will definitely help brands get their responses to the original poster, but what most aren’t talking about is that these new features are only available on the web and not thru their API’s. Now for small business that have lower volumes of comments/questions this may be a doable thing, but for large companies that receive hundreds of comments/questions a day and have more than 2 people responding this is not doable at scale. Why aren’t people talking about this? Are we so enamored with the platforms that we discount these things and just assume large brands can use the web to respond to hundreds of comments?

Let’s be more realistic, when these type of changes are being introduced they also need to be introduced to their API’s so that large brands that typically use 3rd party aggregator systems can take advantage of them at launch.

Enough about that for now, I still would love to see these large platforms offer companies ways to use their platforms for Customer Service but also make their platforms more flexible to be used in that manner. I think all the experts continue to gloss over these points. Now, these platforms may be doing somethings to enable this but I have not heard about it.


Let’s hope we also include these things in future discussions when saying companies need to step up their game in this arena.

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  1. April 3, 2013 2:46 pm

    John, i completely agree with you here and i think that in general, to your question, people are not “talking about this” because Customer Service, and the way it can be threaded into every fabric of business success, is still treated with less priority, across the board.
    Sometimes i still think that the old adage “customer service is dead” is still true, but then, luckily, once in a while, i encounter a company that brings it back to life for me.

    I encourage you and others who have the same #custserv sensibility to continue striking up these conversations, stirring up these questions so that more of us can make it known to social media and other companies that these features and tools are important to follow through to mobile. in the end, when the customer wins, the business wins, so in my mind, the resources are well invested in the mobile/API endeavor.

    One of these days my blog will be born – all about Customer Service.
    I hope to include you in that blog….(when i get a minute to pull it all together – hahahaha)
    thanks for this insight and your perspectives.

    • April 3, 2013 3:02 pm

      Lynn – thanks for the Awesome comments! Totally agree with you, glad there are others that are like minded and truly believe CS is the heart and soul of businesses. Looking forward to your future blog, as you can see mine is bare bones and just a place to put thoughts down. Take Care and have an Awesome day!

      • April 3, 2013 3:19 pm

        thanks, John, for YOUR reply and encouragement.
        i need to cut that “perfectionist” crap loose, and just get the thing up and running. happy “hump” day – hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

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