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Social Customer Service is NOT a Failure

November 10, 2013

There seems to be a lot of talk/chatter about how unsucessful Social CS is. Well, I personally think it’s still too early to say one way or another definitively if it is an overall success or failure in general. Sure, some companies do it better than others and sure some are still measuring the wrong things (I blame the old brick and mortar management for this), but at least they are trying.

When using “free” platforms like Facebook and Twitter to provide CS, those in the field need to remember these platforms are not set-up for this type of channel. If you have not tried to support a brand on Twitter or Facebook then you may not understand, but it sure is difficult to maneuver around a platform that is more designed for Marketing than CS. The same goes for Listening and Respond tools. Very few are truly focused on CS as the channel of choice and that makes it even harder to do your job in the CS world.

Sure there are some plain vanilla Social “metrics” you can look at, but it really is up to you the owner/practitioner to steer the conversation and leadership to look at the “right” metrics for your business. Sure follower count sure seems like a plan/simple metric, but if you are trying to grow your reach and raise awareness with people that this medium exists for them to use it is a useful metric to track. So is speed of answer or “AHT” in the call center, how fast you respond really does make a difference and should not be overlooked.

Of course Social Service is not a home run and the end all be all, but it certainly is not a failure and I personally feel that it will continue to evolve and show true promise and allow business to get better insights into their customers, it will just take time and maybe, hopefully one of the platforms allows for better use of their product as a proper platform for support.

Let’s just keep moving and trying and listening and re-trying and staying positive and things will turn-around and then maybe folks will stop saying it is a failure.

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