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Social Support @ Big Corporations – Before the how to’s and stuff

January 9, 2014

The chatter seems to be picking up about Social Customer Care/Service/Support as it appears to becoming more mainstream at the onset of this new year. I for one am glad to hear it as this is what I do and hope to continue doing it.

The challenge I have with reading other posts on this topic is how easy people think it is, how they are quick to give you ways or top reasons/things you should be doing. The thing that is rarely talked about is before you even get here you have to have Leadership support, budget and resources to do it.

Leadership support is some cases is easy and in most/others probably hard since most of the folks in these roles don’t use these platforms and therefore don’t understand them OR worse yet, try to take the square peg and try to fit it into the round hole, it doesn’t work that way and will fail. Stop trying to contour Social metrics into call center metrics, it won’t work.

Budget is another steep hurdle to face. If you can get past the Leadership part you have a better chance in this step. You have to prove your case for doing this and again everyone tries to contort it to be just like the call center and wants to know how many calls your going to deflect, how much will the savings be. These are very hard questions to answer if you haven’t even started yet. Start small and do proof of concepts and build up your case from there. Network with others in and out of your industry to learn how they did it, trust me I wish I had done that.

Finally resources, this is the humans that will actually be doing the work responding to your customers. Don’t think just because they can type they are a good fit here. They need to have all the knowledge on how to answers the questions, this is true. But what they really need to understand is the nature of Social, do they themselves use it? Do they understand that what they say is forever now and it is to potentially millions and millions vs. just ONE? Can they take a complex answer and scale down to fit into 140 characters? But ultimately in my opinion is, DO THEY CARE? Because if this is just another “job” to them, than they are not the right ones for the job.

I appreciate all the ideas and how to’s and how we need to respond to customers quickly and accurately and all that, but let’s not forget the struggles that were tackled to get to that point in the first place.

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