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Matching a Tweet to a Paying Customer

January 15, 2015

A lot is written about how brands need to “personalize service” and I agree, but what some (I think) forget to understand is that that is really hard to do. Yes, CRM is a must now and in the future to be able to do this successfully, but the “how” is the real struggle.

  1. What is the benefit to a customer for a brand to associate a customers Social presence with that of their internal account system?
  2. Does a customer need to agree for a brand to do this?
  3. Does a brand need to ask permission to do this?
  4. Does the brands social listening tool interface to their CRM and billing system OR is this a manual connection completed by a human?
  5. Do customers even care if this occurs? (yes, I understand the transparency aspect, but do you as an individual really care if this happens?)

These are just some simple up front questions that should be considered and solved for. If brands really want to customize the customer experience and personalize their service for their customers, than the above questions and many others will have to be addressed.

Since those of you that may (or may not) read this work in this space to an extent, you probably don’t mind (for the most part) if a brand you do business with (or pay a bill to) does this. But for those that do not live and breath this everyday there are probably privacy concerns or at least perceived privacy concerns (think big brother watching type of thing) if brands do this without notifying them. I think if you add value and ask up front and present the benefits (I hope there are benefits) of connecting these 2 entities together, than customers would be willing to have their social lives connected to their paying lives of the brands they do business with.

Please let me know what you think or have done in regard to this and what the outcomes have been? I think this is a topic that is glazed over without truly understanding that most systems do not speak to each other and assume customers are OK with brands doing this without notifying the customer.

What do you think?

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